Seek to Add Value

Consider becoming the type of energy that, no matter where you go, or where you are, you add value to the spaces and lives around you. We’re used to checking our appearance before heading out the door, but how often do we check our inner appearance before showing up...

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Mirror, Mirror OFF the wall

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” To become overly attached to your physical appearance ensures a life-long path of suffering as you watch your form go through the natural motions that were set into play the day you were brought into this...

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How to Create a Music Website on a Budget

As a recording artist, professional singer or band, one of THE most important tools for your career is to have your own branded and professional website. This is also one of the hardest things for singers to come by as 1. a great looking and functional one is expensive and 2. it seems an impossible task as a non-coder.

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Love is the Greatest Adventure – Meet Jess

Through the wonderful world of hashtags and the interwebs I had the pleasure of meeting Jess Carpenter. To my surprise and elation, she gave me a shout out on Instagram because her daughter and she would rock out to my song IDYTD. Since that day I've been following...

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I’m the new voice of Movie Park Germany!

As a session singer I get hired to sing on many interesting and creative projects. This has got be my favorite by far. I was contact by Movie Park Germany to sing their parks official theme song! You can now hear yours truly blasting through the speakers...

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Wild Rumour Eddie

Eddie Raygor is originally from Minneapolis Minnesota and currently resides in sunny San Diego. I didn't have the pleasure of seeing Eddie play until later in his life, but he's been rocking the guitar since age 9 and it shows. He is a dynamite performer, a stellar...

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Are you an aspiring singer?

If you are an aspiring singer and live in the San Diego area then you MUST check out this dance and live performance workshop for singers.

Your live performances will never be the same.

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