Although often misused, the negative mind is quite powerful. This part of our brain that reacts negatively to everything is ultimately there to serve and protect us.  It’s always looking for potential pitfalls to help keep us out of harms way.

It’s impossible for the negative mind to respond positively to anything as that job is reserved for the positive side of our mind.

It’s when the two are out of balance that we see ourselves not living our best and most optimal lives.

When someone has gone through enormously painful events, the negative mind becomes more active, often throwing a person into a perpetual state of “survival mode”. In this mode the heart and positive mind are shut down completely as the negative mind is trying to protect the person from further trauma.

When the negative mind is out of proportion a person will become full of anxiety, fear and self-doubt. It will leave a person feeling victimized, disconnected and sad. It will often cause people to show little restraint and lash out at any sign of emotional discomfort or perceived offense.

So how does one utilize the negative mind without letting it take over?

You cannot suppress it, but rather you must embrace it. You must listen to it in a balanced way while simultaneously bringing in the input of the positive mind. Meditation, quiet time, disconnection from social media, daily gratitude, utilizing positive words and acts of service (to name a few) can help to blend the two.

With both minds engaged, you can then make healthy judgement calls.

Realize that the negative mind is just trying to help. It wants to be recognized and to feel safe. Viewing the negative mind in a loving way and seeing it as a wonderful tool to be used will help you to form a strong and conscious relationship with this aspect of the self.