Texas to California

Our Maiden Voyage as Full-time RVers

My husband and I sold all of our junk and hit the road full time on August 9th 2017. This was our maiden voyage from Texas to California.

We spent a glorious 1.5 years on-the-go before purchasing a 10 acre property in Southern California where we currently reside.

We still take RV trips, we just now have a home base of operations :)

1 Year on the Road!

Highlights from some of my favorite places

What a beautiful world we live in. Here are some highlights from our year and a half on the road set to me singing God Bless America.

I also added in some behind the scenes footage of us picking up our trailer for the first time, getting rid of all our junk and more!

Also make sure to stay tuned to the end where I share 4 life lessons I’ve learned from downsizing and traveling the country full-time ?

Adventures In Colombia

Caño Cristales // Bogota // Barichara // Curití

In September, my Mom and I flew to Colombia for her birthday and to celebrate her class reunion.

I put together a mix of Colombian songs and sang them for her at her celebration while we were there.

This is the mix, set to some footage I took while there :)

Yosemite National Park

Girls and Nephews Camping Trip

Holy beautiful views batman! You could never get out of your car and just drive around this National Park and still have a blast.

So many beautiful hikes, refreshing swimming and scenic camping. I HIGHLY recommend a visit to Yosemite.

Just make sure to observe their bear laws very strictly. We left an empty cooler out and got in big trouble. Even empty coolers attract bears as they’re used to the way they LOOK.

European River Cruise

Netherlands // Germany // Austria // Hungary

Floating down the Rhine and Danube rivers for two weeks on a Viking River Cruise was nothing short of AMAZING.

There’s nothing quite like sipping your morning coffee while passing by 900 year old castles and windmill dotted vistas.

This was one of my more relaxing vacations as Viking Cruises make sure to take care of every last detail for you.

Zion National Park

RV Adventures

So many fantastic hikes all in one place! One of my absolute favorites is The Narrows where you pretty much hike in water the whole time between sky high canyon walls and then Angel’s Landing.

They say the Angel’s Landing hike goes so high that only Angel’s can land at the summit, and they’re not wrong!

The hike looks really scary and crazy, and it is, kind of, but it’s really not that bad. I’m slightly afraid of heights and I was fine.