I’m slowly but surely bringing all my favorite products over to this space so that I can talk about them more in depth, but for now you can shop my more extensive list directly on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/shop/audreymusic

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Bluebird Condenser Mic

I’m probably going to say this alot on this page, but I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS MIC!

I can belt my face off or whisper something pretty and it snags it all to perfection. As a singer, you will be SO HAPPY with this mic. Get it. Get it now.

USBPre 2 Audio Interface

Ok, so I gush about my mic alot but it would be NOTHING without a proper user interface. I use to have a cheaper audio interface and it made my life a living hell. If you want to get anything done at a quality, do not skimp on this piece of equipment.

or you can buy from B&H if not available on Amazon

Mogami Gold Studio Cable

You DO NOT want to skimp on your cables. You can have the most amazing studio setup, but if your cable sucks, your recording sucks. The old saying rings true here, “you get what you pay for”. Pay for some good cables. Your music and listeners will love you for it.

Sony Studio Headphones

I bought these headphones at the start of my career and haven’t replaced them since. They’re THAT GOOD. Sturdy, magnificent sound quality and clarity and all you’ll ever need. Buy them once and hear crystal clear sound for the rest of your career <3 Side note: I started to notice that nearly every major studio uses these! Start paying attention when you see “behind the scenes” videos with major studios. They all use these :)

adobe audition cc

Adobe Audition CC

This is the program I use to record and edit my vocals.

I’ve been an Adobe lover for many years. I’m signed up for their cloud program as it comes with many programs that I utilize from recording vocals to editing videos, images, creating graphics and more. They have free trials and plans starting as low as $9.99 a month.

edit youtube videos

Adobe Premiere CC

This is the program I use to edit my videos.

I’ve worked with both Final Cut and Premiere and as far as video editing goes, both are great. As I mentioned before, I use so many of the Adobe programs that it just made sense for me to stick with adobe for video editing too. I have zero complaints about this video editing software. It is so incredibly versatile and powerful.

best vlogging camera

Canon Rebel T6i DSLR

I am OBSESSED with this camera. I told you I’d be saying that alot on this page :p One of my FAVORITE features is that you can control the camera right from your phone and it’s also WIFI enabled which means I can send the photos right from the camera to my phone within seconds.