Singer | Songwriter | Session Vocalist

Roaming the earth full time with my husband and cat in an RV.

We sold all our stuff and hit the road full time!

Underneath the mountain of belongings I once owned and the ideas I once harbored of what it meant to live a "normal" life, lived a freedom I never knew I was missing.

One's "cage" can come in many forms. Be it belongings, people, relationships, ideas or beliefs. Whatever your cage is, I implore you to set yourself free.

True freedom exists when you become madly and deeply committed to living a life that honors your soul.

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My Latest Updates and Musings

Best Generator for Fulltime RVing/Boondocking?

As a full-time singer/songwriter, I need constant power while I travel in order to bring my creations to life. Learn from my husband Shane what type and which brand of generator is best for the full-time traveling RVer.

How To Steps to Release an Album or Single

The Ultimate Single or Album Release Checklist

Releasing music is one of my favorite times of year, but it can also be the most time consuming and daunting as there is so much to do! Rest assured that if you just start early, take baby steps and keep this checklist handy, your release process will remain just as exciting as when you made the music.


Gone are the days where artists have to hope to get signed or “discovered” by a large corporate entity before we can “make it”. We can take our talents right to the people and essentially build our own little record label.

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