Kyle KTG

My goal with each video I make is, by the time the video ends, to have hopefully inspired a smile, a laugh, a sense of hope or happiness and maybe even the feeling to go out and create the most awesome life you can :)

Meet Kyle. He’s not just your average director/filmmaker.

For Kyle to take on a project, he has to be pretty inspired and motivated about it. He’s not in the business of creating stuff for stuffs sake. Which is why I am honored that he chose to head up the music video for IDYTD.

The process of bringing this video to life has been amazing. Kyle’s attention to detail and genuine caring about the outcome makes me feel like I’m working with a family member or best friend who has my best interest in mind.

Not only is he taking great care with the video, but he drops knowledge on the regular! Every call with him turns into a motivational session that leaves me pumped to take on the world. I couldn’t have imagined a better man for the job and encourage you all to go follow this filmmaker on the rise.

You can follow and support Kyle by showing him some love on the following social profiles:


Also please take a moment to watch this totally rad video he made that just might make you question some things ;)

Kyle T. Garrett // KTG Films from KTG Films on Vimeo.