Meet SLM. The girl with humble beginnings and big goals. I mean check out her #IDYTD submission! That is one fuuull sheet of paper. And I have no doubt she will slay each and every one of those goals.

When I first met Sheena she was just starting out. She knew she loved music, singing, performing, helping people, and the arts, but she wasn’t quite sure how to go about making her love a living. That’s the great thing about Sheena though, none of that mattered to her. She just kept putting one foot in front of the other until something caught. And lately, through perseverance and a healthy mindset, it seems that many things are catching.

Most recently she has just released her new singled called “$igns”. A mix of soft and sweet vocals, atop a bed of thought provoking lyrics finished with some powerhouse runs at the end. This is just the beginning for SLM and I’m excited to see what’s next!

If you’d like to support the underdogs of the world you can start by giving SLM some kudos in the form of:

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Thanks for your support! And may you always listen to the $igns ;)

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