I-Dare-You-To-Dream-Audrey-Callahan-MusicAs a writer and personal development proponent, it is important to me that my listeners get something from my music. I love to see that spark in someones eye or an attitude shift. I love creating dialogue between my listeners and I and sharing ideas or thoughts that might not have otherwise breached the surface.

So here is a little bit about the making of IDYTD and if you resonate with it, let me know!

This song is one of the most important songs to me personally because the message behind it is the very reason why I’m even here pursuing music in the first place.

Believe it or not, a previous version of me was 1 day away from being shipped off to bootcamp so that I could secure funding to attend school for Biotechnology. I come from a military family of nurses, scientists and lab technicians, so to them that seemed normal. And the military is a FANTASTIC choice for many, but for me personally, I knew that wasn’t what I really wanted. I was just too scared to go for what I really wanted.

I didn’t believe that I could make money off of what I really wanted.  Only like 1 in a million can make money doing what they love right? (so wrong!)

So after years of floating and pursuing careers and jobs that didn’t fulfill me, I “Dared to Dream” and my whole world changed.

Without getting into too much detail, that is why this song is so pivotal for me. Because daring to dream changed my life and I want to get that very message out there to the people who aren’t daring to dream and are settling for a life that they don’t want because it’s too scary or hard to do what they REALLY want.

I don’t want to create another music video just because I can. Put another song out there just because I can. I want to create a movement. A movement of dreamers, believers, doers and goal chasers.

The underlying message of this song is the power of thought.

Everything you see manifesting in your life was once a thought. Whether you were aware of that thought or not it has played a role in your present day life. It started as early as childhood. As a kid you had ideas of what you wanted to be when you grew up. As you grew older these initial dreams may have changed. Perhaps the economy or societal opinion swayed your dreams. Perhaps you experienced some failures along the way and subconsciously started to write scripts that you weren’t good enough or couldn’t do it. This thinking has lead you to where you are today.

Of course we can all dream of having millions, but is your inner dream matching your outer dream? What are the thoughts behind all of your dreams and goals? What is the “sponsoring thought”? The thought that happens when you go into an interview or think about quitting a job you despise to find something better. Is it confidence you feel or is it fear?

If you want something different, something better, to land that dream job, create an ideal life situation, find a life partner or start that business you’ve always wanted, you must first dare to go there in your mind. Dare to believe it is really possible for you. Dare to Dream.

If we don’t allow ourselves to first go there with confidence, we can’t see it manifesting in our lives. And by dreaming with confidence I mean you can talk about your dreams out loud without feeling ashamed or embarrassed. If you feel any of those things then you aren’t committing to your dream. You still have work to do.

The dream is just the first part. Taking swift and consistent action is also a must. But that’s a different story ;)

Not sure what your IDYTD is? Ask yourself these questions:

  • If money weren’t an issue, what would I do with my life?
  • What do I tend to do when I have spare time?

Join the movement. Share your story. Inspire others.