I’ve been getting this question a lot so I figured I’d answer it here for everyone :)

small-studio-micEP stands for Extended Play. Artists will release their music in various ways. Sometimes they’ll release just a single, sometimes a full length album of 10+ songs and sometimes an EP of 4-5 songs. An EP is longer than a single, but not long enough to be considered an album so it is an Extended Play(EP) ;) Make sense?

I also get the question, why didn’t you go for a full blown album? Or why not just put all your efforts into one hit single?

The reason I went this route rather than releasing just a single was because my EP is a bite-sized way to give listeners a feel for who I am as an artist. You’ll hear some ballads, some up beat songs, some groovy bluesy vibes, etc.

And as far as creating a whole album, I’m not at that stage in my career yet. I’m still exploring and finding my ground as a writer. It took a lot of time to craft these messages. I didn’t feel the need

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to do any more than these 5.

Anyway, there you have it! EP = Extended Play :)