watch-better-me-for-me-audreyThe first single I’ll be releasing off my EP is a Love song of sorts. I say “of sorts” because I talk about Love in a different way. Not your Disney Princess, knight in shining armor, sappy movie kind of Love. The real stuff.

I don’t mean to say that Love can’t include the things you see in the movies, but finding your soul mate and life long partner is so much more than physical attraction, romantic walks down the beach and butterflies.

The kind of Love that you want to hang on to inspires and uplifts you.

It assists you in becoming the best version of you possible. Not only for the relationship, but more importantly for you. Because you can’t be a contributing half of the relationship if you yourself are not whole.

4 signs that you’ve found the kinda of love that makes you a “Better you, for you”:

1. Your dreams are their dreams
This person won’t hold you back from achieving your goals. They are your number one cheerleader and fan. Your success and happiness is just as important as their own.

2. They are your mirror
This person sees you for who you truly are. When we look at ourselves in an actual mirror it can be easy to analyze all of our physical imperfections. When we look into our pupils, it can be easy for us to see inside ourselves and analyze all of our shortcomings.

This person sees past your perceived shortcomings and holds that space for you. They SEE you. They help you to remember how amazing you truly are. They are your mirror, reflecting your true image which assists you on your journey of self-love and confidence.

3. They challenge you
This person asks questions and digs deep to get to know you on an intrinsic level. They care about you enough to ask the hard questions and speak the raw truth.

4. They inspire you
This person awakens your soul and sows seeds of possibility into your being. Their belief in you inspires you to continually transcend what you think you are capable of.