eddie-bio-pic-aEddie Raygor is originally from Minneapolis Minnesota and currently resides in sunny San Diego. I didn’t have the pleasure of seeing Eddie play until later in his life, but he’s been rocking the guitar since age 9 and it shows. He is a dynamite performer, a stellar musician and entertaining as hell to watch.

Not to mention he is such a genuine and kind hearted individual. Vibes always speak louder than words for me and it just feels really great to be around Eddie. His joyful energy is infectious and it is no wonder that he continues to excel in his musical endeavors with how much he puts into not only his music, but everyone he works with.

His first album ‘Have You Seen the Lights in The Sky’, enjoyed substantial airplay around the country and Eddie is currently back in the studio recording new original songs. He continues to entertain the masses in SoCal with his band Wild Rumour so make sure to
1. stop by their website for their show schedule and
2. Show them some love on Facebook.