egoEgo is the ultimate limiter, separator and restrictor of genuine human connection.
The more the ego is fortified with naming, definitions and absolutes, the greater power it has to create ones own false sense of reality. It is the difference between creating heaven on earth or living in your own personal hell.

We are so much more than a name or a label. More than our beliefs, more than others or our own perceptions of us, more than our level of education, our talents or our social status.

We are travelers on a cosmic journey. We have stopped but for a moment in time in order to experience each other.

When we are able to come from a place of togetherness and non-separation, when we are able to drop the me vs you mentality, when we realize that all is one and that we are all equal by default, only then can we contribute in a meaningful way to our society, ourselves and our relationships.

From this place of togetherness our lives become beautiful works of art.