“All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light from a single candle” – Saint Francis of Assisi

When Dee was a young girl, she was told that her purpose was to be a “light unto the darkness”. For many years she struggled to come to terms with this idea because she felt her “light” was so weak.

Dee describes her upbringing as “the School of Hard Knocks”. After failed relationships and career paths that enslaved her to what she called “cubicle hell”, she decided enough was enough. Her health was failing and she was mentally, financially and spiritually suffering.

She took her life into her own hands and joined forces with a nutritional health company that would allow her to take charge of her finances and health all at the same time.

Dee says,

“I was surprised to realize that once my physical health improved so did all other aspects of my health. My light shines brighter than ever now that it is properly fueled. I am also building a business that allows me to establish residual income that eventually will allow me to live out my dream of having my “office” be at the beach with the waves as my soundtrack. It is time to fulfill my destiny by sharing my light with others by showing them how, with proper nutrition, the power of positive thinking, and residual income, they can free themselves from the darkness of this world so that they too are able to fulfill their life’s purpose.”

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