jess-quoteThrough the wonderful world of hashtags and the interwebs I had the pleasure of meeting Jess Carpenter. To my surprise and elation, she gave me a shout out on Instagram because her daughter and she would rock out to my song IDYTD. Since that day I’ve been following her accounts and absorbing all the goodness she puts out into the world.

In celebration of my upcoming single Write Your Story, I’m reaching out to any and everyone who may have been through hell and back and lived to tell the tale. Or anyone who has had to deal with less than ideal life circumstances but persevered in the face of overwhelming obstacles. It is my hope, that the through the sharing of these stories, anyone reading who cannot yet see the light in the darkness can gain some insight and know they are not alone.

To hear more about Jess’s story or to “drink the coolaid” head over to her blog at www.coachjesscarp.com

An Interview with Jess

bf42e5_3db118c65be34d62bae3e54b8dfead8fWhere did you grow up? What was your childhood like? What did you think your life would be like when you were older?
I grew up in a small high Desert town in Southern California. My childhood was great as an only child. Mostly hung out with my friends down the street, and built forts in the backyard. Weekends we would go to the beach and my summers were ALWAYS in the surf and sun. Good times!

How has your life been different than what you’d imagined?
It is nothing like I imagined . I’m blessed to be where I am today, and for sure have many moments to look back on with gratitude.

What’s the most difficult thing that you’ve ever had to deal with? How did you overcome it?
The loss of my baby. I lean on the support and love of my husband, family and God. I’ve been through heartache, with 2 broken marriages and abuse, but nothing compares to seeing your child’s heartbeat stop.

What have you liked best about your life so far? What’s your happiest or proudest moment?
That my husband and I found one another after years being apart. It’s quite a story! Having my kids were my happiest moments. Seriously, incredible.

What are the most important lessons you’ve learned in life?
That you cannot please everyone. You give your absolute BEST, and that is all anyone can ask of you. Share your passion unashamed, and give compassion to those in need. My parents instilled these lessons in my life and I am so great full for that.

How do you define a “good life” or a “successful life”?
Success is waking up to the beat of your heart. To breathe, feel, experience, to love and be loved. A good life is one that is lived in the light.