I Dare You to Dream

As a writer and personal development proponent, it is important to me that my listeners get something from my music. I love to see that spark in someones eye or an attitude shift. To create a dialogue between my listeners and I and share ideas or thoughts that might not have otherwise breached the surface.

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The SLM Empire

Meet SLM. The girl with humble beginnings and big goals. I mean check out her #IDYTD submission! That is one fuuull sheet of paper. And I have no doubt she will slay each and every one of those goals. When I first met Sheena she was just starting out. She...

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The 11th folder

I've grown to love my desktop folders. I never thought I'd have the need to write that line, but it's true. I love them because every time I create a new one it means something has come to pass. They represent forward movement. A new adventure in this musical journey...

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Be a Light in the Darkness

When Dee was a young girl, she was told that her purpose was to be a "light unto the darkness". For many years she struggled to come to terms with this idea because she felt her "light" was so weak. Dee describes her upbringing as "the School of Hard Knocks". After...

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When talent and purpose meet

Meet Kyle. He’s not just your average director/filmmaker. For him to take on a project, he has to be pretty inspired or motivated about it. He’s not in the business of creating stuff for stuffs sake.

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Better Me for Me – When love inspires you

The first single I’ll be releasing off my EP is a Love song of sorts. I say “of sorts” because I talk about Love in a different way. Not your Disney Princess, night in shining armor, sappy movie kind of Love. The real stuff.

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Writing Amongst Legends

Writing with the amazing Susan Koc and Shelly Peiken (co-writer of What a Girl Wants and Come on Over Baby/Christina Aguilera, Who You Are/Jessie J, Almost doesn’t count/Brandy, Glee, etc).

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