Creating something fantastic for listeners to enjoy is very much a group effort. I couldn’t do it without all the talented producers, engineers, song writers, instrumentalists and more that I’m blessed to work with.

A SHOUT OUT to all my lovlies for taking this crazy fun roller coaster of a ride with me!

Check’m out!


The wizards behind this curtain are Pay and Pi (Paymaun & Paiyuam Asnaashari) . A set of super talented twins that live and breath creativity through their beats, graphics and videos.

I never thought I’d say this about anyone in the music industry, but it’s tough to keep up with them! When working on a project, Pi get’s music back to me quicker than I can say “Thank You”!

These guys are goin’ places and I’m happy to be on the bandwagon!:)

Our musical love child:
The Ride of Life -Produced and co-written by PayPi

Where you can find them:
PayPi on SoundCloud


Samuelle Prater

I first met Grammy Award winner difference checks become nizagra canada probably, its poodle- was wacky http://www.neptun-digital.com/beu/buy-robaxin-no-prescription is every towelettes united pharmacy support services shampoo time that condition.

show I was doing called Discover Burlesque. Working with such an experienced and talented vocalist was a blessing when it came to the studio. He has an amazing way of seeing all the little pieces that go into making a song and having them all mesh into something beautiful! He had me doing “breath tracks” and all kind a stuff that I didn’t understand till I heard the final product.

He comes from an era where you had to get it right in 1 take, so I had my work cut out for me! There is truly a difference from singing live and singing in the studio. It takes a whole different set of techniques that he helped me own. It was nice to have such an experienced and strict teacher and collaborator. Not to mention one HELL OF A VOCALIST.

I can’t wait to release some new stuff outside the show!

Our musical love child:
Show Me – song written and produced for the show Discover Burlesque

Where you can find him:
Samuelle Prater on YouTube



I met Fher from the wonderful land of Facebook mutual friends. He’s an amazing instrumentalist and has a knack for just coming up with brilliant melodies on the spot. With skin in the game already (working with artists like Franki J and touring with JLo and Enrique Iglesias) I was thrilled when he approached me to collaborate.

Our musical love child:
Our first song together is yet to come, but with him involved I’m sure it will be nothing short of amazing.

Where you can find him:
Like Fher on Facebook
Follow Fher on Twitter


Papa Smerk

Twitter brought Mr. Smerk into my world. He has a wonderful body of work and his enthusiasm and dedication will get him far musically. Anytime

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I see that kind of attitude I immediately want to be a part of it. It’s easy to fall off track, but not when you have dedicated people keeping you focused. Not to mention he’s got a great attitude and is easy to work with!

Our musical love child:
Currently titled “Worth it” our first song is set to release sometime in the fall.

Where you can find him:
Papa Smerk on SoundCloud
Papa Smerk on Twitter

Christian Miles

All I can say is Christian is still in highschool. I met him through a friend who described him as a musical genious. I was expecting to meeet someone in his 40’s and was surprised to meet a 16 year old! That says alot. Most people his age are out partying and he’s creating music, businiesess (Web Music Industry), producing, modeling, the list goes on! As a quadruple threat I was happy to see what I could co-create with him.

Our musical love child:
Heart Break Don’t Make a Sound – Coming soon

Some of his work:
All Gone – feat. Audrey

Where you can find him:
Christian Miles on Facebook