I’m slowly but surely bringing all my favorite products over to this space so that I can talk about them more in depth, but for now you can shop my more extensive list directly on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/shop/audreymusic

Using my shopping links is a small way to support my music that doesn’t cost you any more money and all purchases are private :)

best vlogging camera

Canon Rebel T6i DSLR

I am OBSESSED with this camera. One of my FAVORITE features is that you can control the camera right from your phone and it’s also WIFI enabled ?

Bluebird Condenser Mic

I’m probably going to say this alot on this page, but I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS MIC! I can belt my face off or whisper something pretty and it snags it all to perfection. As a singer, you will be SO HAPPY with this mic. Get it. Get it now.

USBPre 2 Audio Interface

Ok, so I gush about my mic alot but it would be NOTHING without a proper user interface to handle it’s beautiful signal. I use to have a cheaper audio interface and it made my life a living hell. If you want to get anything done at a quality, do not skimp on this piece of equipment.

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