Studies have shown that people who write down their goals are 80% more likely to achieve them.

In celebration of my single ‘I Dare You To Dream‘, I encourage you to watch this short video above and join the movement.

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Wild Rumour Eddie

Eddie Raygor is originally from Minneapolis Minnesota and currently resides in sunny San Diego. I didn’t have the pleasure of seeing Eddie play until later in his life, but he’s been rocking the guitar since age 9 and it shows. He is a dynamite performer, a stellar musician and entertaining as hell to watch. Not […]


I Dare You to Dream

As a writer and personal development proponent, it is important to me that my listeners get something from my music. I love to see that spark in someones eye or an attitude shift. To create a dialogue between my listeners and I and share ideas or thoughts that might not have otherwise breached the surface.


I’m the new voice of Movie Park Germany!


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