Singer, Songwriter, Entrepreneur, Life enthusiast, Incurable dreamer, Contagious smiler, and Crazy cat lady wannabe.
I aspire to live a life based on love and compassion and share that message of positivity and growth with my audience far and wide.


My goal with each video I make is by the time the video ends, to have hopefully inspired a smile, a laugh, a sense of hope or happiness and maybe even the feeling to go out and create the most awesome life you can :)

When talent and purpose meet

Meet Kyle. He’s not just your average director/filmmaker. For him to take on a project, he has to be pretty inspired or motivated about it. He’s not in the business of creating stuff for stuffs sake.


Singing and dancing and tapping, OH MY!

Meet Erin and Amanda, the dynamic duo that makes up ClicKlick BOOM. An evolving performance duo that loves to entertain through rhythmic tap dancing and original songs.