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Station: Tipsy Elves
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Welcome to the Tipsy Elves Station!


Fun fact: this photo was going to be my album cover until I took a vote in my Patreon group. They helped me decide on the cover you see today :)

DAYS ACTIVITIES: Join me this morning at 11am on Facebook Live for a mimosa brunch kick off celebration!

Christmas jammies and mimosa’s optional, but HIGHLY RECOMMENDED :p

I’ll be singing a live song for you and we’ll play a “get to know each-other” Christmas themed icebreaker game.

SONG PREVIEW: My Christmas Wish for You (My lead single!)
PRIZE: A signed album
HOW TO WIN: You must answer the questions asked in the Facebook live game. I will do a random selection from the comments section.

Unlocked Content

My Christmas Wish for You Preview

Produced by The OC Hit Factory

Making the track for
My Christmas Wish for You Pt. 1

Making the track for
My Christmas Wish for You Pt. 2

Christmas Wish For You used to have a different bridge. This was the initial idea recorded at my home studio. My co-writer Amanda actually switched it up and I LOVED what she did.

Making the Music Video for
My Christmas Wish for You

Recording vocals for
My Christmas Wish for You


  1. Audrey Callahan

    So happy to have you here!! Where will you be spending Christmas this year and with whom? :)

    • Candace

      Am on my lot in Arizona next to Mom. Got here in time to pull off a surprise 88th birthday dinner for her sharing with a few friends a couple of weeks ago. Looking forward to sitting for a while after 5 months of always on the move this summer :) Your Christmas album is perfect to spark the Christmas vibe! Thank you!

      • Audrey Callahan

        Gotta love being close to Mom <3 And how fun you guys did a surprise birthday dinner! I've only been able to pull off a few surprises in my life and they're always so fun! And yesss, sounds good to stay put for a bit and enjoy the holidays :) Thanks for sharing Candace!

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