Session singer for hire

So you’re looking for a session singer for hire, well I would be happy to help! Here is a little about me and my services to help you decide if we’re a good fit.

  • I have extensive experience recording in studios and have been singing and performing live for pretty much my entire life.
  • I love to create and sing harmonies. I’ve never met a harmony I could not not handle.
  • I have a 4+ octave singing range.
  • I am a business owner by day so I understand the importance of timely communication and meeting deadlines.
  • Most importantly, I love to sing. It is literally my favorite thing in the whole world to do so I will bring that love and passion to your song.
  • DISCLAIMER: No profanity, vulgarity, hateful and/or overly sexual material. Parody’s are OK depending on the lyrical content.If you think your song may fit this description PLEASE SUBMIT THE LYRICS TO ME BEFORE PURCHASING (click here to submit your lyrics). Even if my lines are clean, if your song fits this description we will not be a good match. Thanks :)
Studio Specs:
  • Sound proofed home studio
  • BlueBird mic
  • USBpre 2 audio interface
  • Adobe Audition CS6.
  • Mogami GOLD mic cables
Session vocal price includes:
  • 1 lead track
  • Max song length 4 minutes
  • Vocals will be delivered dry unless otherwise specified
  • Recorded at 32bit

Additional Gig Information

  • Delivery time will be no more than 9 days per song (if purchasing multiple songs, longer delivery times may occur)
  • If you need harmonies or backing vocals on your track please check the box for the add-on on the payment form.
  • This price does not include melody or lyric writing. I do not offer those services at this time.
  • This price is a one-time flat fee. No additional royalties need to be paid.
Vocal Samples

session singer for hire

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